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Where else do you get the chance to fully immerse yourself in your destination without leaving your home? Our VR tours are amazing to behold. You’ll want to keep coming back to look around.

Discover the Middle East

Luxury resorts, magnificent hotels, underwater rooms, vast shopping malls, exquisite restaurants. The opulence of the middle east will come to life, not only in your imagination, but in our immersive online tours.

Professional service

You’ll be in safe hands with our highly trained staff. We work in partnership with Insight Simulation, leading VR providers with over two decades of experience in 3D modeling.

Discover the world with us

For those who want experiences in the comfort of their homes

3 Years Of Successful Virtual Reality Tours Creation

Virtual Mid East is the first Virtual Reality Listings platform in MENA region, with partnership with Insight Simulation a British company with over two decades of experience in 3D scanning and 3D modelling.

We are covering pretty much all activities starting from flights and hospitality industry all the way to automotive, Marine and even malls and cinemas.

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They are the people working to provide you the best experiences.

Mohamed Abo Awad

Founder & CEO

Mohamed is an Egyptian Entrepreneur, with the passion for innovative solutions and out of the box concepts. Bringing new Ideas to the Middle East to help with tourism development whilst maintaining the socio-eco responsibility.

M Wasfi


With a strong technical background accompanied by a passion for business, Mohamed thrives at roles that close the gap between engineers and customers. He’s the brains behind the engine that powers the Virtual Mid East platform.

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